2018 September 25 Thursday

2018 September 25 Thursday in Grimes and Urbandale Iowa

63° cloudy with a rain shower around five this morning. Not enough to truly test my new roof patch though.

Before breakfast we drove around Cutty’s Campground looking for a spot for this evening’s Hobo Dinner.* Having found a suitable site, I went to the office to register. (Normally this done at the fee booth. However we are “after the season” hours and the fee booth doesn’t open until 11:00) The office manager was alone in the office and didn’t know how to check me into a site. So, I got in her computer and registered it and left the payment. Then Ella and I went back to the site and set up a shelter and attached the site card to it. So it is legally occupied.

We drove through McDonald’s and ordered breakfast.

Then it was to the laundromat in Grimes. Normally we use the laundry at Cutty’s house. But today we needed larger washers for the bedding

After eating our breakfast and getting the laundry started, I went to Ace Hardware for some s hooks to attach the spring to the fifth wheel receiver.*

From the laundromat to the Grimes senior center was just a few blocks. We arrived about 10:45 which gave Joyce, Angie, Ella and I time to play a game and three quarters of Fast Track before lunch was served.

At the end of lunch, while some were still eating, I gave a little talk about how Ella and I use our smart phones. We use it for, phone, calculate, calendar (shared), lists such as groceries and medications, emails, texting, video chats, document scanning, Bible and books, TV and movies, alarm clock, stop watch, checking pulse rate, navigation, altimeter, latitude and longitude, health records, bookkeeping, document writing, and a little about some apps that I’ve found useful. And then I showed them how voice commands work by asking it to navigate to the nearest Pizza Hut. And how to ask where the bathroom is in Chinese.
I answered a few questions and showed a few people how to deal up some things on their phones.

Returning home, we took the remainder of the laundry to the clubhouse washers and dryers.

While Ella minded the washing, I loaded firewood into the truck and took some chairs up to the campsite for the Hobo Dinner.

People started arriving about 5:15. Fortunately I had already started the campfire.


This video doesn’t exist

It was a beautiful night (though a little chilly).

And the sunset was worth waiting for


G’nite y’all!

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*See September 24th post


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