2018 September 23 Sunday

2018 September 23 Sunday in Grimes and Des Moines Iowa

50° and hazy start that reached a cloudless 76°.

Getting ready to move sure is messy.

Cutty’s Cafe was open again this morning so we once again had breakfast there. I ordered two breakfast burritos. When they came, I gave one to Ella and took a big bite out of the other one. Olps! I hadn’t told them not to put onions on mine. Ella gave her unopened burrito to Sue and I gave Ella my bitten burrito. I then ordered another without onions. I’ve had a scratchy sore throat all day.

From the cafe we went into Des Moines and church.

Here is a link to pastor Denny Coon’s sermon. https://youtu.be/0HBR6I8pbCg

After church we stopped at once Long John Silvers for fish, hushpuppies, cheese curds, coleslaw, and broccoli. When you add in the soft drinks, I think we’ve had our fill of fats, salts, and sugars the rest of the week.

Once we were home and changed into work clothes, I put the awning away. It makes the patio look kinda bare. It had been up since mid May.

After the awning was away, I went through the yard picking up sticks and leaves that have fallen from the trees. It all went into the outdoor fireplace. It’ll make good kindling someday.

After the yard was done, I worked on straightening up and cleaning the patio.

Our men’s group has a Hobo Dinner* every Fall. This year (this Tuesday) I will be hosting them at Cutty’s. When I set this up I’d forgotten that next weekend is the annual Spooktaculer weekend (think Halloween one month early). Spooktaculer it’s a BIG DEAL at Cutty’s. People come to camp and decorate their RVs, campsites, and themselves. The kids, in costumes, go from site to site collecting candies. That means, however, that the Hobo Dinner probably will not be at the spot where we’ve had the dinner in the past. I have to wait until Tuesday to reserve a spot. If I can’t get a good one, I’ll have them at our season site.

*Hobo Dinner is when we get a large pot (think witches cauldron) full of stew meat over a camp fire. Each man brings a can of vegetables and dumps it into the pot. Once everything is heated through we dip out the stew into the empty cans and that’s why we eat from. We also bring drinks (it’s a church group remember) chips and treats to share.

Late afternoon or early evening we invited the Stones over to play Fast Track on the patio. We played until it got too dark. My patio lights aren’t very bright.


Ella captured the moonrise.

G’nite y’all!

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