2018 June 11 Monday

2018 June 11 Monday in Grimes Iowa

65° and a gentle rain that started last evening and continued into late morning. It cleared enough for the temp to reach 80 humid degrees. Then the cloud cover came back. Intermittent rain and 74° at 9.

This is a work day for me. So I couldn’t join

I tried to get a photo of the rain on the glass door behind me, but it doesn’t show up well.

Ella wrote:

This has been a rough day for me. As a preacher’s daughter annual conference has always been a rather emotional time for me. It was the time when we learned if we are moving or not.
Those days are over but this year our pastor and good friend here in Iowa is retiring, so today was the day to say goodbye.

Since we’re considering spending more time in Texas it also means we may be leaving what had been our home church for almost 25 years.

Two of our pastors in Texas are leaving us this year also. One is retiring and the associate will be leaving us for a church of her own.

For all three pastors it is a good move and starting a new chapter in their lives. We wish them well as they move on.

Our church here in Iowa is rather in limbo at the moment the pastor that we are slated to get, is in Korea and hasn’t received his Visa yet. They are preparing for a new parsonage family but we don’t know when.

Here are photos from pastor Lee’s going away service at Union Park UMC.

In Texas, everything should be going a lot smoother and they’re planning for our new pastor’s first Sunday on July 1.

Yesterday our worship service at Cutty’s campground was small. Only four people including Ella and I. It is discouraging when so few arrive.

There is a new rule this year that prohibits putting signs out in the campground to advertise our services. I’m sure that the lack of signs has made an impact. However, people inviting people had always been the best advertising in the past anyway.

Six years ago, I felt led to begin these worship services. Now I’m beginning to wonder if maybe that time is over.

We have been discussing limiting our time here in the summer, instead of spending five months, making it a few weeks at a time throughout the year. Perhaps the dwindling attendance at the worship is another indication that it is time for a change.

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